The second preseason under USC head football coach Will Muschamp will begin Monday morning with a 9:00 a.m. workout.

That means "Talking Season" is about over but on Sunday, there was one more day of that as the Gamecocks held media day to preview the upcoming season and more urgently, talk about what's ahead in fall camp.

To no one's surprise, Muschamp has promised another physical camp where coaches will look to find guys who embrace tackling and the physical philosophy that Muschamp wants to see become reality.

"A lot of tackling has to do with ‘want-to.’," Muschamp said.

"A guy has to want to do it. It’s a part of the recruiting and evaluation process. You evaluate the guys who really enjoy the physicality of the game. I think this freshman class, that was a huge part of the evaluation process, getting guys who enjoy sticking their face in the fan and tackling. Toughness to me is the ability to run against good people and stopping the run against good people.:

However Muschamp added that toughness has to extend beyond the lines of scrimmage to where the skill players have to be prepared for that.

"Right now, with the way teams are blocking the perimeter, you’ve got to be tough at in the secondary and at the corner position" Muschamp said.

"You’ve got to be tough at the safety and nickel. You’ve got to be tough at wide receiver to block downfield to create the explosive runs downfield. It’s an element of toughness that goes through all 11 guys; it’s not just about both lines of scrimmage. That’s where we’ve really got to challenge our guys to improve."