For the second straight game, USC head football coach Will Muschamp will face an opponent whose history Muschamp has played a role.

After his first game as a head coach at Sanford Stadium where he played in the early 1990s, Muischamp will face the Florida Gators on Saturday. Muschamp was the head coach of the Florida program for four seasons before being fired after the 2014 season.

A lot has happened since his departure from Gainesville. He is in his second season at USC and while he has the program pointed in an upward trajectory, the Florida program is in a state of turmoil. Jim McElwain was fired last week and Randy Shannon has been named the interim head coach. The Gators were embarrassed at Missouri 45-16 and that was after the 42-7 loss to Georgia in Jacksonville which sealed McElwain's fate.

But Muschamp is already warning his players not to overlook Florida.

"I talked to our guys Monday about not being fooled by the tape from the last two weeks," Muschamp said.

"'Let's go back and watch Tennessee, let's go back and watch LSU and let's go back and watch A&M. Let's go back and watch those game tapes. They've had a lot of uncertainty off the field. Having been through it, it is a distraction. It will take its mental toll on you."

Muschamp said the team should approach Florida the same way it did Georgia.

"That's why the consistent message from me all the time is about our preparation and how we prepare," he said.

"How we go about our business and our preparation for the game is going to determine the outcome. It's not about what the other team does. Certainly, we respect our opponents, their players, their schemes and things like that. But our preparation is the most important thing. That's why it's always the consistent message, so you shouldn't have a lot of variance in how you play."