USC head football coach Will Muschamp won six games last year with a team that he said was "interested" in the new philosophy installed by the new staff.

"They're committed now. There's a difference," Muschamp said.

"There's a difference in being interested and being committed. I think we've got a bunch of guys, and we still have a ways to go, that are committed to understanding the work ethic that it takes to be successful and how you've got to practice and how you've got to take care of your body and all of the things that are important to being a really good football player."

Preseason All-SEC Second Team selection Hayden Hurst says the attitude that Muschamp wants from his players is taking hold.

"We're not showing up at any stadium in the country to lose,"the USC tight end said.

"Winning - we want to win. We want to win now. If we can get everything rolling, that's the plan. We want to win games."