The Clemson Tigers (7-1, 5-1 ACC) will be in for a tough test this Saturday. They will be in Raleigh to face North Carolina State.

The Wolfpack want revenge after last year's loss to Clemson in overtime. NC State was just a field goal away from dashing Clemson's national championship hopes. Fast forward to now and Clemson is in a position where they can't afford to lose another game and they have North Carolina State in their way again.

Former Blythewood coach Jeff Scott, who is on The Tigers offensive staff says Clemson is ready to fight to keep their title hopes alive.

"If you get to a mindset where you're trying to play up to a certain opponent you're not going to be able to successful on a consistent basis as much as we have," Scott said.

Scott also says the team is prepared because they've been in familiar territory not only with the Wolfpack but during their national championship run.

"Our guys know what's at stake. They know it's a game that's going to have a major impact on our next goal which is to win the division. But I think there's a lot of confidence by our guys that we've been in these kind of guys before. I think our guys know the formula. If we can control the ball and control the things we can control then we have a great opportunity."

Clemson and NC State kickoff at 3:30 pm on Saturday.