The defending national champions in college football took some time to greet their fan base before the long season ahead. Sunday afternoon the Orange and Purple faithful in the Upstate came out for Clemson Fan Day. People lined up as early as 6 am to meet the Tigers.

"Just giving back to the fans is big and huge. They come to support us you throughout the season and you know no matter what the weather is they're out here supporting us so we feel like we can give back to them on this one day," junior running back CJ Fuller said.

Tiger paws and fans were everywhere as they got a chance to get to know and interact with the coaches and current players who will try to defend a conference and national title.

"The greatness we got coming to us, the journey we went on last year man, everything has been so great," junior wide out Ray-Ray McCould said. "Just giving back to the kids, the hospital is bringing cancer kids to Clemson practice and that just picks us up. It just motivates win to be honest."

One player who signed a lot of autographs on the picture of his game winning touchdown against Alabama was Socastee High's Hunter Renfrow. He was thrilled that so many fans came from long distances to see the Tigers.

"It's just a blessing for us and just being able to have such great great fans from all over the country. There's guys from coming from North Carolina, from Georgia, from Tennessee, everywhere. All the way from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, that's where I'm from," Renfrow said. "So just being able to travel all this way to see us and for us to meet them is pretty neat and pretty special."

Even with the weight of having a target on their backs and high expectations after winning a national title this Fan Day served the fans, the Clemson players and coaches well. A good distraction from the work that needs to be done.