They say if you have two quarterbacks you have none. But what if you have four running backs? Well Clemson has a true running back committee.

This season the Tigers have used Adam Choice, Tavien Feaster, CJ Fuller and freshman Travie Eitenne who is coming off an ACC rookie of the week performance.

You may call them the Fearsome Five when add quarterback Kelly Bryant who is an avid runner as well. He leads the team with 7 rushing touchdowns.

Eitenne is the team's leader rusher with 292 yards. All of Clemson's backs scored touchdowns and have gotten their share of touches through four games.

The undefeated Tigers are number two in the country and you can credit their loaded backfield and strong offensive line but it's their unselfishness that is actually making this situation work.

"We all bring a lot of different strengths to the table," Choice said. Choice has three touchdowns, 121 yards, and 21 carries through four games. He went on to say, "We can all hit the big play so it's good we can complement each other. It kind of keeps defenses off balance in my opinion. I like it. We seem to be doing well with it so far so anything to help the team is what we're here for.

Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scoot echoed those statements. So far this seems to be a good problem to have as a coordinator.

"I think going into the season we knew we had maybe two or three experienced guys and then you had Travis who is a talented guy who really had to develop grow and develop. Now after four games I think Travis has definitely earned his stripes. I feel like we got a really good situation at running back. I feel like we have four guys that have the knowledge and ability to be a starter," Scott said.

Clemson backs will be back in action on Saturday night when the Tigers take on Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.