Former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson had a summer camp before the NFL training camp begins for the Houston Texans.

Watson returned to Clemson for his football clinic on Saturday. Watson helped provide scholarships to underprivileged kids to attend his camp as well.

Number 4 made an appearance at a Maserati dealership and took the time to talk about being a NFL QB. For now he wants to stay in his lane and continue to learn.

"The biggest things is just playing my role; whatever role that is and helping the team win. That's the biggest thing right now just taking it east and competing each and every day and just doing my job," Watson said.

He's also excited to go through his first NFL training camp and throw to some of the best receivers in the game-former Clemson Tiger Deandre "Nuke" Hopkins.

"Just throwing it to Nuke, one of the best receivers in the game but really all the receivers. Just being able to be on a NFL field and throwing the ball to some professional receivers is really going to be a cool thing."

Texans training camp starts Wednesday, July 26.