This weekend we will see what the Clemson Tigers will look like after a national championship winning season.

The biggest glaring difference for Clemson is that number four is gone. But number two is at the controls this year.

Junior Kelly Bryant was named the starting quarterback for the Tigers and he's learned a lot from watching Deshaun Watson the last couple of years. It will be tough to replace a two-time Heisman finalist but Bryant has no problem filling big shoes.

"I wear I size 16 shoe so I mean I've been filling shoes all my life," Bryant said.

There have been naysayers in regards to Bryant being capable of filling the void that Watson left at the quarterback position but he's like he said he's stepping in and out of big shoes his whole life.His support system has helped him with that.

"Having those doubters I just channel it and have tunnel vision and try not to focus anymore on that. On the other side of that the people that have supported me have said, 'ok we know you're not going to be Deshaun. We don't' want you to be Deshaun. You be you. You do everything that you can.'"

It can be daunting trying to takeover not just a star studded quarterback like Watson but a defending national championship program. Even with all of that Bryant has been able to focus on the big picture.

"You play your own game and that's something that I'm just going to try to do is just model my own game. Do everything that's asked of me and just do my job and not try to do anybody else's and just let it go from there."

Bryant can show who he is as quarterback when the Tigers kickoff against Kent State at noon this Saturday at Memorial Stadium.