Third string quarterback Hunter Johnson provides the finishes touches to Clemson's 28-14 win over Wake Forest on Saturday in Memorial Stadium.

Johnson tossed a 13 yard touchdown pass to Hammond School product Cannon Smith. The junior, normally blocking tight end, scores his first career touchdown in a Clemson uniform. He described the play that got him his first score.

"Once I went passed the Mike Linebacker and saw that green grass I was pretty excited and I saw Hunter (Johnson) looking that was just a good executed play. Everyone did their job upfront. Everyone blocks, the receivers did their job and Hunter made a great read. It was a great win."

Smith is a part of program and that won a national championship last year and it seems that aren't slowing down anytime soon. He says it's because they have one shared focus.

"Like Coach Swinney says like, we just take one game at a time and you know the next's game is the biggest game. We take that mentality you know we treat it like it's the Super Bowl every week. So I when you have that mindset there's not one game that's bigger than the other," Smith said. "They're all the same because you got to prepare each week and execute and get that win."

Clemson's Super Bowl next week will be Friday night in Syracuse when they play the Orange in New York.