A former walk-on wide receiver out of Socastee may have been the most important player during the national title game other than Deshaun Watson or Mike Williams. Watson and Williams are in the NFL but wide receiver Hunter Renfrow is back for the Tigers.

You can call the junior wideout and punter Alabama's kryptonite. With two other receivers with significant experience Renfrow returns to a receiving core that will have a new QB this season. Last year he missed four games with a broken bone in his hand but ended up with 9 starts and of course the game winning touchdown catch against Alabama in the national championship.

"The other teams don't care. It doesn't matter anymore," Renfrow said. "It's something I look back on in 10 years and say that was pretty cool experience but this year I have to go out there and earn it again."

Renfrow will be asked to step up once again. Life off of the field may have changed for him since the catch but it's back to business for number 13.

"It's definitely changed in a sense of people know who I am. I'm more recognizable I guess now. But from a football aspect they don't care if I caught the game winning touchdown I'm their teammate. We're all going to come out here and put in the work."

Renfrow has also adjusted his weight for this season and is streamlined just a bit for a tad bit more spit and comfort.

"Last year I think I weighed 182 or 183 pounds but I didn't feel good. I think I pulled my hamstring right before the season. I just felt heavy and I didn't feel good. This year I feel a lot better. I'm at 181 and feel I can carry it around a lot better."

We'll find out if the receiver can carry his weight and his workload as Clemson opens the year against Kent State on Saturday, September 2nd.