Columbia, SC (WLTX) - South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley led the women's basketball program to its first national title, and she'll get a special gift for her work.

A short time after the team's 67-55 win over Mississippi State that gave them the title, the Gamecocks flag was flown up over the State House. However, observers may have noticed that for the first several minutes, the flag would come up, fly for a minute or two, then be taken right back down.

Here's what happened: a total of 10 flags are being flown over the State House. Once the flag comes down for good, which will be at the end of Tuesday, all 10 of those flags will be delivered to Staley and her team.

It will then be up to her where those flags go next, according to the South Carolina governor's office.

This is the third time a South Carolina university's flag has flown over the capitol for winning a national title. Last June, the Coastal Carolina flag was hoisted when they won the College World Series, and in January, Clemson's flag flew atop the dome when they won the College Football Playoff.

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