The Saint Matthews high school football team were the hosts for Alshon Jeffery's youth football camp on Saturday.

One of the coaches for the Saints is former Gamecock and NFL pro Willie Scott out of Newberry. Scott is appreciative that Jeffrey had the desire to provide this camp in Calhoun County and for Scott this almost like passing the torch.

"Well you know that's what it's all about us going back and try and so something for the community. This is great for Alshon (Jeffery) to come back to his hometown here and especially for the former guys to come out here and help," Scott said.

Willie admits there maybe be an age gap between him and Alshon but he sees the next generation of Gamecocks doing their part.

"You know I'm been down here two years and I played at the University and in the NFL probably before Alshon was born. So it's fun to see this younger guys come out and do the same things we've been doing for years. "