NFL Preseason football is this week and Former Gamecock Damiere Byrd is stepping up as a receiver and return man for the Carolina Panthers in hopes of making the final roster and being a key part of the offense this season.

He's been on Carolina's practice squad the last couple of seasons but appeared in the Carolina's season finale last year and caught a pass for 16 yards. The familiarity with franchise is helping Byrd this time around in camp.

"I think I having a lot of fun out there now. Going out knowing everything that's going to happen, knowing everything that's being put in for our installs so I'm really just going out there and playing right now," Byrd said.

With Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen other capable receivers in the fold Byrd is has been pleased with his training camp.

"I think it's been a consistent camp for me. I've been able to make the plays as the opportunities have come and that's what you really want to work for at camp."

The speedy receiver is entering his third year in the league and he is using his attributes to set himself a part.

"I think clearly the speed is there and being able to long ball and take it off the top and being a playmaker that way but I also think my competiveness. People see me as a smaller guy so they don't see that fight in me until I actually come out and play," Byrd said.

The Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans will meet tomorrow night in Charlotte for their preseason openers.