The Gamecocks had one of their major evaluations Saturday afternoon as the team participated in their first scrimmage of training camp after 10 practices.

This was to see how good that USC offense can be in a game like environment and if the defense hasn't dropped off from their production last year despite not having a lot of proven depth coming into this year. Will Muschamp talked about what his team is looking like after scrimmage number one.

"I think today the things you get excited about was we only had two procedure penalties offensively, we had one pass interference and that was it for a 140 scrimmage snaps. We got 50 snaps with our first group, 50 snaps with a our second group and 40 snaps with our third group. It was a good physical day and that's exactly what we needed," Muschamp said.

The big thing that stood out to Muschamp that will be an area of improvement to address going forward is the pace at which South Carolina plays.

"Our tempo between each play needs to pick up. Because obviously we're going to start the season defensively with two teams that are going to tempo us and I don't know how quickly we are playing right now so that's something that we really need to work on next week is sustaining drives on both sides of the ball."

He also talked about his team being able to have more control of the game.

"Our guys need to learn how to sustain more as far as drives and those things are concerned on both sides of the ball. Good for the defense we got some balls off the guys today and bad for offense. We got to do a better job in ball security."

The Gamecocks will get back to work on Monday for practice number 12. They kickoff against NC State on Saturday September 2nd in Bank of American Stadium in Charlotte, NC.