Tuesday's senior night for the South Carolina men's basketball team was a special night for one USC senior guard Duane Notice.

His mother, Suzette Carr, watched him play in Colonial Life Arena for the very first time.

Duane's family is from Toronto. They have seen some of his road games during his career but this was their first time in Columbia.

The senior shared the ball leading the Gamecocks with four assists and hit a clutch three pointer in the USC"s win 67-53 win over Mississippi State as a proud mother watched.

Carr says Duane being at South Carolina has been hard but rewarding.

"Very bittersweet. It's been a tough road and just seeing him mature as a man and not really being there beside him to watch that but to watching it a distance I'm really proud of him," Carr said. "I'm proud of the team and just really happy for what they've accomplished at this point."

Notice couldn't but be filled with emotion as he knew his mom's eyes were on him as he played.

"It felt good to just to see her in the crowd, jumping up and down and cheering. I haven't seen that in awhile, probably since I was in high school so for me I think it kind of got to me in the beginning. [I] was little too juiced, up, a little emotional, playing on edge but as the game wore on I felt good that she was in the stands."

USC ends the regular season this Saturday on the road against Ole Miss.