Lancaster product and LA Clipper guard Sindarius Thornwell held his first basketball camp for the youth at Cardinal Newman on Saturday. There was a session for 3rd through 7th graders and high schoolers.

Campers not only interacted with the former Gamecock but they also got pictures and autographs.

"Just being out here and being involved because I know that they've been anxious for me to be around and to be active with them and play with them. So I tried my best to play with every kid and have that one-on-one time with every child," Thornwell said.

NBA training camp starts next month for Thornwell but despite he busy schedule that includes traveling from coast to coast he took out the time to give back but it sounds like the campers may have given Thornwell a great reminder before his first NBA season.

"Being around them brings the fun out of the game you know when you get older it becomes more business and more serious but when you're 7 , 8, 9, 10 you're not thinking about anything but just having fun. You're just playing for your love of the game and you just like it. So being around and just playing with them makes me feel like a kid with them," Thornwell said.

Thornwell is a rookie in the NBA and a rookie to running camps. So he enlisted family, close friends and former Gamecock Khadijah Sessions to be counselors.

Lower Richland head coach Kyle Gaither was the big orchestrator of Thornwell's first camp and he said they got this off the ground in almost two months. Gaither also said it was easy to do because of the kind of person Thornwell is.

"He's very humble and we wanted to make sure that he went back and made an impact on the youth. He's so humble that he doesn't get caught up in the celebrity status. Even when he was younger he just knew that he stayed grounded and wanted to give back to his community when he got that chance," Gaither said. "He just wants to inspire other kids that are coming up. He's very prideful from being from South Carolina. He wanted to make sure that he got to that status that he would always come back and give back to the kids."

Thornwell's next camp will be next Saturday the 26th in his hometown of Lancaster.