Dawn Staley and the Gamecocks were back in the Coliseum for training. They do have that trip to Japan coming up but Saturday they were training some of the top 8th-12 graders in Dawn Staley's Elite Camp. Everyone was engaged there was a lot of teaching and competition which is how Staley likes it.

"People think when we run camp it's just pickup, it's five on five but we like to teach. We like to break basketball down to its simplest form and teach our young people how to play the game," Staley said.

Staley also enlisted current and former USC stars to be counselors and coaches for the camp. Alaina Coates, A'ja Wilson, Lisa Welch, Khadijah Sessions, Tina Roy and others were part of Saturday's camp.

"Summers always a great time for us to bring all of our former players back as a way in which we can repay them for all their contributions to our program by paying them to come and work camp and they're enthusiastic. They understand what our coaching staff is all about. When it comes to basketball we're pretty serious about it and what better way than having them as spokespeople to represent our camp."