The South Carolina football team is feeling good about themselves after just their third ever win in Knoxville this past weekend but there's still a lot to be done before the season is over.

The first thing USC will address is to get healthy going into the bye week as they've been dealing with a ton of injuries all year.

Even with some time off things will be very busy for the Gamecocks as they look to finish their last five games of the regular season strong and try not to make the same mistakes going forward.

"We're need some time right. We're over halfway through the season. We are, not just from the standpoint of guys we've lost long term, we got a lot of nicks and bruises and guys that need to get healthy in the open week," Muschamp said.

The second year head coach added that the team will get some days before returning to their regular schedule next Sunday but in the meantime they'll be putting in some work.

"We need to be smart with what we're doing, preview some opponents we'll face down the road. We got some really good football teams starting with Vanderbilt at Williams Brice coming up. Our coaches will recruit Monday, Thursday and Friday so we'll be at it a good bit."

"You know this week we'll still be locked in to practice," USC sophomore quarterback Jake Bentley said. "This week really focus on us, really focus on what we have to do to get better and don't worry about any team really just focus on what we have to do to grow as offense and as a team."

After the off week USC will host Vanderbilt at 4 pm in Williams Brice Stadium on the 28th. The game will be on the SEC Network.