We've heard the unfortunate news that Rakym Felder has been suspended indefinitely by Frank Martin. Martin did not indicate what the cause for the suspension was but Felder was arrested for assault in July.

If you remember Felder watched another USC prominent guard go through a similar situation last season. Sindarius Thornwell was suspended indefinitely and wound up missing six games. He returned to conference play and became the SEC player of the year.

"That was my first time ever not being able to play basketball," Thornwell said. "When the games were taken I was like I'm not going to do anything to risk that again because basketball is my life and everything started to really kick in. It just made me more focused on the game and more focused on basketball."

Thornwell held his first basketball camp on Saturday and he shared what he recently told Felder as he tries to make a comeback after making a costly mistake.

"I told him don't wait for it to get over or for people to not be on you about it. When you come back you have to make them forget it. And that's just going out and playing his butt off. He owes the team that much, he owes the fans and the school," Thornwell said. If Coach Frank Martin has room or if he comes back, I don't really know the circumstances but whatever happens he owes it to the fans to give it his all and to lay it on the line and it's on him."

Felder remains suspended indefinitely and will attend classes at USC this fall. Felder did release a statement saying.

"I take full responsibility for my actions and make no excuses for my conduct. I know I have let you down and I will have to work hard to regain your trust."