Former USC quarterbacks Perry Orth and Stephen Garcia are making a name for themselves as quarterback whisperers. They are doing something that you probably won't see at most quarterback training camps and it's setting them apart.

They both had college football careers at USC and played under the best coaches. Now, through QB1 Athletics, Perry Orth and Stephen Garcia are passing down what they've learned in way you may not expect.

Orth started QB1 Athletics this year. It provides training for young quarterbacks. Most of the time you're outside slinging the ball around and working on mechanics-Garcia's specialty. But before you do that. quarterbacking actually starts in the classroom that's where Orth comes in. This USC tag team is bringing a different aspect to your typical camp.

"If you don't know where to throw the ball it doesn't matter how nice of a spiral you can throw or how far you can throw if you don't know where the ball should be going against a certain coverage then it's pointless out there," Garcia said. "I'm not a huge classroom guy but that's what Perry brings and he knows exactly what he's doing with the ball. But our combination of what we're doing is awesome."

Garcia and Orth are passing down knowledge to the next generation. They feel if they had this kind of information their careers could've been a lot different.

"We're going to continue to do these things because there's a lot of stuff isn't really taught at the high school level that I believe if I would have known I would've been a significantly different player in high school and that's what me and Stephen are both trying to give back," Orth said.

"If we had camps like these in high school I'd come to every single one. The stuff these guys are learning now is invaluable," Garcia added.

QB1 Athletics continues to grow and gain exposure. They've trained some of the top prospects in South Carolina and the southeast region. But for them it's not about the money or notoriety they really want to help groom the next great quarterbacks.

"As soon as you loose track of that and the reason why you're doing it is when it can get out of hand and I don't think I plan to do that, Orth said. "I think it's great to have 7th graders get up on the board and draw the difference between cover two and cover four. I didn't learn that until I was a senior in high school. That's kind of what me and Stephen really had wanted to do when we started doing this."

The Orth and Garcia will resume QB1 Athletics in January. For info on their training and camps go here-