Going into preseason football practice we look at players who are trying to improve their performance from a year ago but camp is also a time where USC coaches like Travaris Robinson are getting better as well.

Robinson enters year two as the USC defensive coordinator on Will Muschamp's staff. Coach T-Rob, as he's called, is known for his recruiting skills and his expertise as a defensive backs coach. He was one of Muschamp's first hires when he took over in 2016. He's learned a lot after one year at the helm of a college defense.

"My whole life I've been worried about the defensive backs so my first year at coordinator I have to worry about what the d-line is doing, I got to worry about what stunt we're running, what pass defense we're running. For me it's slowed down because I had a lot of time in my mind see exactly I want to play it and how I want us to play," Robinson said.

With a season under his belt where the Gamecocks led the SEC in turnovers, the former Auburn defensive back and NFL pro, is taking a more hands on approach off of the field so that the Gamecocks can be even better on the field this season.

"I'm making sure I'm spending a bunch of time with defensive line and the linebackers and not just spending time with the defensive backs was very important. I started that throughout the end of the season last year and through this offseason and even now you know just going to eat with the d-line, going to eat with the linebackers, spending some time with those guys because I think relationships are very important."

USC continues preseason practice this week as they get ready for their season opener against NC State on Saturday, September 2nd in Charlotte.