The hard work has paid off for redshirt sophomore and sociology major Javon Charleston. He received a scholarship from the football team on Tuesday.

Javon walked on to the program as a receiver from Illinois in 2015. During his time at USC he's played on special teams and switched from receiver to safety.

The scholarship announcement came as a complete surprise to Javon cas he elebrated with his teammates and family after learning that USC will paying for his classes.

Watch the scholarship surprise below.

Saturday after practice Javon talked about what that moment was like.

"I didn't have any idea but I did see my dad walk on the field towards the end so I was trying to figure out why he was coming on the field. I was trying to signal over to him like no get back in the stands. But it excellent. It was pretty cool," Charleston said.

He went to describe what his journey has been leading up to accomplishing one of his goals.

"It was relief honestly because that was one of my biggest goals coming in here two years ago when I first stepped on campus. I used to tell my roommates that that's something I going to accomplish. It was kind of a relief to get that out of the way and now I can just focus on football."

With the scholarship in hand Javon aims to make contributions this year.

"My main thing last year was learning the scheme and technique. Right now I feel really comfortable going through Spring. I feel like I'm getting in the rotation a lot and everything so I'm learning how guys play and I feel really comfortable going into game one."

The Gamecocks open their season on September 2nd against NC State in Charlotte, NC.