The Gamecocks are improving as the practices go by. The season is just 18 days away.

USC had their first scrimmage this past Saturday. As far as the offense goes the USC defense has given them a lot to work against and they have done well according to sophomore quarterback Jake Bentley.

USC's quarterback has already said that that offensive line has shown their intelligence and competitiveness against a pretty stout USC defense during practice and the scrimmage. Deebo Samuel is a certified stud and they continue to get him the ball in a variety of ways.

Hayden Hurst continues to lead a tight end unit that has capable players in KC Crosby and Jacob August who has improved during camp.

Tuesday Bentley talked about what the offense is doing well and what needs to happen for them to take their production to another level.

"For the most part it's the creativity we're having offensively. Moving guys around and getting guys open in different ways and then just getting better everyday," Bentley said.

He also mentioned some of the things that you may not sure that could propel their offense to another level.

"Finishing the play. If we break a long run, receivers turning and blocking, quarterbacks-us finishing the fake on our runs, just the little things that make offenses great we need to keep working on."

The Gamecocks will have their second scrimmage of camp this Saturday morning.