Columbia, SC (WLTX) - South Carolina students who couldn't be in Greenville for USC's historic win over Duke Sunday decided to turn the campus and the surrounding area into a party.

In Columbia's Five Points, we found plenty of very happy fans inside the Salty Nut Cafe early Monday morning.

Over on USC's campus, about a thousand students rushed to the Horseshoe, where they chanted, danced, and had a good time until the wee small hours. And for some reason, there was even a bodysurfing tyrannosaurus rex that was part of the fun. (Really, we're not making that up.)

USC President Harris Pastides even joined in the fun.

"I heard the noise as I was going up to my room (at the president's house), and I said there's some students out here," Pastides said. "And I walked across to Greene Street and there must be a thousand students there."

"I got right in the middle ofwhat I'll call that loving student mob and we chanted together."

But sorry students: two teams in the Sweet Sixteen doesn't earn you a day off.

"They asked me if they could have the day off tomorrow and I disappointed them. They understood."

"I love every one of those students, and I know Coach Staley and Coach Martin do too," he added.

Pastides says the school is planning send-offs to wish both teams well.