Sometimes we need to be reminded how fun the game of football is. Almost everything in and around college football taken seriously. But USC defensive tackles Taylor Stallworth and Javon Kinlaw provided a breath of fresh air.

The two teammates on the defensive front were named the defensive players of the game by Will Muschamp in his weekly teleconference on Sundaynight.

Stallworth had five quarterback hurries and was force on the line while Kinlaw was all over the field. The once 340 pound young man, who is know a trim 300 pounds, made four tackles and wreaked havoc. After the Florida win they took the microphone and just had fun which is something we hope to see going forward from a team that's on the rise.

"It was Swill," Stallworth said as he described one of Kinlaw's tackles. "So I did my technique, then I see JK (Javon Kinlaw) coming free and I see Jam (Jamyest Williams) slowing him down and all I can think of was they better call the ambulance...because this is a big boy!"

The USC defense danced a bit during breaks in the Florida game but it helped them get loose and even focus a little bit more. Kinlaw was one of the lead hype men for the Gamecock defense.

"I seen the Jets doing it. When they was doing it, they're whole team, was I like man we got to be like that on Saturday. So every time they turn the song on I just on you know I just got them boys hype and we was ready to play," Kinlaw said.

"So getting hype like that it makes it a lot easier to play. Because me, when I get hype like that, man I'm like a little chihuahua," Kinlaw continued. "I be everywhere, trying to get everywhere...100 miles per hour."

"You couldn't say Doberman?" Stallworth interjected. "Man. Chihuahua," Kinlaw replied as the press conference room laughed along with the defensive tackles.

The comedic duo and the Gamecocks hosts Wofford this coming Saturday.