Call it the play of the game or maybe even the play of the year for the Gamecocks in week one. Jake Bentley's scramble and throw to Deebo Samuel for the one hand catch was the go-ahead touchdown for USC against NC State.

In last year's Birmingham Bowl USC lost an overtime shootout to South Florida. For USC to win the way they did in a back and forth game on Saturday speaks to their improvement and confidence since that bowl game.

"You know last year, Birmingham Bowl, coming up short, we got a taste of what it takes to win in the way we finished the season so we really just busted our tail and to see it pay off out here has been great. But next week it'll be the same thing," Bentley said after the win in the Belk Kickoff Bowl.

Now for Bentley and the Gamecocks it's all about making the next big play in week two against a Missouri defense that allowed Missouri State to score 43 points.

That laser focus, even keeled mindset and next play mentality can attributed to a saying the team has.

"We talk about it all the time. One of our saying is 'so what, now what?' You know it's usually negative, when you make it about players but it can be in a positive sense too that you know the play is over. The game is over and it's on to the next one and all efforts into Missouri."

USC will be on the road as they travel to the other Columbia to take Missouri this Saturday.