For the Gamecocks there has been a lot of fallout from the Palmetto Bowl. Fans are not happy with the offensive play calling to say the least and there have been rumors swirling about USC offensive coordinator Kurt Roper being fired.

Jake Bentley had maybe his worst game of the year with two interceptions and completing 55 percent of his passes. That's the second worst performance for him this year.

But USC was just too undisciplined against Clemson. 9 penalties for 76 yards which is a season high for the Gamecocks. They are one of the least penalized teams in the country this year.

They'll be searching for answers on how to handle Clemson next season but they also have to regoup before their upcoming bowl game.

"Got to hone in our emotions and don't make plays that are uncharacteristic of who we are just because we're so amped up," Bentley said. "I think that just comes with experience and being a young team. I think the more games you play the more opportunities you get to learn from games like this and that's one thing we can takeaway from this game."

Senior linebacker led it all out with 15 tackles and one for loss against Clemson. However he had a late hit penalty that kept a Clemson drive alive and led the second touchdown of the game for the Tigers. He also knew that USC was not themselves on Saturday night.

"We've been disciplined. We've been playing good football all year so that's out of character for us. We definitely should be more locked in, more focused on our assignments and stuff so yeah it was out of character for us."

Junior offensive lineman Zack Bailey maybe has the most likely response the Gamecocks can have after suffering a 34-10 loss to their rivals which is their four straight loss to Clemson.

"Just got to kind of go back and regroup and figure out what you did you wrong. Can't say that it's not going to motivate's not going to hurt you early on but you got to try and get that our of the way and move on to the next play and try and comeback."

The Gamecocks will see who their bowl opponent will be next Sunday.