It's a new team for USC head men's basketball coach Frank Martin whose sixth season comes on the heels of the program's first Final Four appearance in program history and a single-season record 26 wins.

There has been a lot of turnover on the roster, but that trip to Glendale remains a constant reminder of what the standard is, although Martin doesn't have to remind his players of what was accomplished.

"One team has nothing to do with the other," Martin said.

"However, the previous team's DNA creates the fabric that exists in that locker room every single day and that's the one thing that doesn't change.

"In 2017, that fabric continues to get thicker and stronger because there's more layers to it. it's intertwined a little tighter because of the amount of work and success that's combined that has gone in. That creates an internal peer pressure that we don't have to talk about Final Fours and that stuff."

Martin said the returning players like guard Hassani Gravett are embracing that peer pressure.

"Hassani lived the Final Four run," Martin said.

" Hassani lived being on the court. Hassani lived having to practice against Sindarius and Duane every single day. So now, Hassani sees that 'it's my turn to build on that and he doesn't want to be the guy who gets blamed for not doing his part. So that's that peer pressure that you fight so hard to create."