With an orange Tiger paw on his sweatpants and a Baltimore Ravens cap, David Olson's apparel tells of his journey.

The former Irmo quarterback was at Stanford where he earned his degree and finished up his college career playing at Clemson.

This past summer he was briefly in camp for the Ravens who wanted some depth when starter Joe Flacco went down with an injury.

Olson hopes to get back to the NFL or make a run at the Canadian Football League. When his playing career is over, he plans on transitioning into coaching. Over the weekend, he got a jump start on that career as he kicked off his "QB Unleashed" camp for kids 8-12 years old.

An engineering major at Stanford, Olson majored in Youth Development Leadership at Clemson. In terms of development, his camp has its own website - www.davidolsonfootball.com. The front page has a pair of orange Nike sneakers and an official NFL football - so perhaps he minored in marketing at one of his schools.

The former Indoor League quarterback says the taste of the NFL and the positive feedback he received from the Ravens coaching staff has convinced him he can still sling it for a living. In the meantime, he will continue to develop his quarterback camp.