CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A video posted to social media from Thursday night's Carolina Panthers game against the Philadelphia Eagles is gaining national attention.

Warren Carrigan posted video to Facebook and Instagram early Friday morning that shows a bloodied altercation between a Panthers fan and another man sitting behind him.

Carrigan said the incident happened in section 541. In an Instagram post Carrigan said the a man wearing a Panthers jersey and the woman next to him were standing for the entire game. "The dude took offense to the couple never sitting down and obstructing his view," Carrigan wrote.

WARNING: The video is unedited and contains blood and violence. It may not be suitable for all viewers

Words were exchanged and the video shows the man wearing the Panthers jersey sucker punch the guy in the face. The video shows blood dripping from the victim's face.

After posting the video Carrigan wrote a comment saying, "Just so the general public knows, just about every agency that has contacted me requesting permission to use the content, I’ve given as much additional information as I could and have not requested to be compensated. I just want justice for the poor old guy who just wanted to watch a football game."

NBC Charlotte has identified the Panthers fan in the video and we have attempted to contact him for comment.

The Panthers have been made aware of the video and the NFL is investigating.

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