It's been a bittersweet season for North Central senior Cedrick Cunningham.

The running back who currently ranked 13th in the state with 923 yards will likely not get a chance to carry the ball for the rest of the season after breaking his hand in last week's game at Cheraw.

However, Cunningham isn't through playing as in spite of a big cast on his hand, he will give it a go at safety for the Knights, a position he will likely play at the next level where the likes of Appalachian State, Army and East Carolina are vying for his services.

On Wednesday, he was named one of five finalists for the Mr. Football award, the highest individual honor in the state. He was also honored as News19 Player of the Week not because he's one of the top athletes in the state, but because of his high character and high grade point average.

North Central head coach Louis Clyburn, who coached on the college level for nearly 20 years, has been getting the word out to his friends at the next level about Cedrick who has added several inches and pounds to his frame, making him an attractive prospect to the coaches.

Clyburn says those coaches who are checking out Cedrick are equally impressed with his academic excellence and obviously West Point doesn't come calling unless an athlete is getting it done off the field as well.