When Larry Cornelius came to Lakewood as head football coach, he knew he needed his upperclassmen to help with the transition and one of the players who played a big role was senior Jaron Richardson.

Richardson is a tight end and linebacker for the Gators who are currently 2-4 after having won just one game in the last two seasons. Cornelius says one of the first things he noticed about Jaron is he is usually on the front row of his classes, which sent a clear message as to how seriously he takes his studies.

Jaron has yet to lock in on a college, but he does know he wants to major in physical therapy. Richardson missed a good portion of the basketball season with a shoulder injury but that setback initiated his interest in physical therapy and that's the field he wants to enter after college.

But it's not just football and basketball for Jaron who also runs track for the Gators.