For nearly four hours, 15 former Gamecocks went through an intense job interview at the Steve and Jeri Spurrier Indoor Facility.

These draft-eligible players were in the Crews Weight Room bright and early at 8:00 a.m. for measurements which included height, weight, hand size, arm length and wingspan. The players then began their skills testing with vertical and broad jumps and the 225-pound bench press where players lifted that weight for as many repetitions as possible.

The testing continued at the Indoor Facility where players ran the 40-yard dash, various shuttle drills before going through drills that were specific for their position. The running backs and receivers caught balls from former quarterback Perry Orth who was helping out with the Pro Day. Defensive lineman and linebackers competed in pass rushing and coverage drills.

Former USC defensive end Darius English admitted he had a major case of the butterflies.

"I was more nervous before this than a game," English said.

"Because a game, you're out there with your teammates and if you mess up one time, your teammates have your back. But this is more of an individual performance, so it's all on you."

Chapin's Mason Zandi, a former USC offensive lineman, says he was ecstatic to come out and audition for the scouts.

"I told my family how I approach this is like this is something you work for for 15+ years," Zandi said.

"This is the biggest job interview of your life and you have to leave it out on the field."

USC head football coach Will Muschamp is a former NFL assistant, so he's been at various Pro Days logging times. He says ultimately, watching game tape will be what triggers a call from a scout.

"You're looking at certain change of direction," Muschamp said.

"Some workouts you're looking for guys fighting through fatigue and some things. Obviously, you want to time well, but at the end of the day, they're going to go back and watch the tape."

Not every player at Pro Day was a former Gamecock. Tyler Renew, who will graduate in May from The Citadel, worked out for NFL scouts. The Ben Lippen graduate said he had some brief conversations with a few scouts and is encouraged by how he performed.