Staff Sargeant Aaron Hills has been able to stay in contact with his sons since being deployed to Saudi Arabia in January but there is nothing like being there in person.

On Friday night, he was.

Hills made a surprise appearance for the Cavaliers' final home game of the season. His twin sons Jacquain and Javon were standing in line with the other seniors when public address announcer Eric Guimaraes mentioned Mr. Hills' military service. Javon was the first to reach his dad who was hiding in the corner of the stadium. Javon broke out in a full sprint to his father, while Jaquain would also take part in the emotional reunion.

Hills will return to Saudi Arabia in November, but for the next few weeks he gets to be home with his family.

"Oh this is one of the best experiences of my life, to be able to come back and see my boys perform on their senior night here," said Hills

"I know they weren't expecting me. It was a good surprise for them though."

Hills said the last thing he told his kids before he left in January was just some fatherly advice.

"Focus, hit them books hard," he said.

"Everyone's going to be looking at you. Have fun. Enjoy your senior year because those are memories you will always look back on and you'll remember those days."

Certainly Friday night will be forever etched in the memory bank of the entire Hills family.