The only way Clemson and Miami will meet this year is in the ACC Championship game.

But if it happens, no doubt the Tigers will remember a comment Richt made after the city of Miami presented him with a key to the city.

The former Georgia head coach who has faced Clemson before was talking about the positive aspect of Miami when he detoured into talking about Clemson's new football operations building.

"It's (city of Miami) like no other place in America," Richt said.

"Even in recruiting, we can sell things that no one else can sell. They can build all they want. They can have all they want. I mean, there's schools building slides and playgrounds in their building, just so they can have fun. I said 'We've got the beach. We don't have to build some slide to have fun.'"

Richt was referencing the bells and whistles that are a part of the Tigers' new $55 million facility which opened earlier this year. No doubt, he won't be the first coach to make such a comment, especially if the Tigers were to take a few losses this year.

You can almost write the comments now - "They spent too much time playing putt-putt instead of practicing" or "Get off the slide and hit the sled".

Regardless, Dabo and Richt will see each other later in July at the annual ACC Kickoff event, the annual preseason media gathering. It's a good bet Swinney will be asked about Richt's comment and any other comments coaches have no doubt made whether it's in good fun (Arkansas head coach Bert Bielema) or an effort to take a public shot at the reigning national champions which will no doubt generate more headlines.