Monday's South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremonies was not only a chance to welcome in seven new members but also pay homage to past Hall of Famers.

Among those making the annual walk through the ballroom in the Parade of Legends at the Columbia Convention Center was Sam Wyche.

The Furman graduate had a successful career in the NFL as the head coach of the Bengals and the Buccaneers. Seven months ago, Wyche received a heart transplant literally in the nick of time.

"I had some terrific doctors in Charlotte, North Carolina," Wyche said.

"I rode a bike 15 miles three weeks and five days after the surgery. It was a perfect heart, perfect fit and great doctors doing the work.."

As a result of his new lease on life, Wyche is urging everyone to become an organ donor as it is the reason he is alive today.

"If that person, somewhere, I don't know who it is, had not had the foresight, I'd be dead today," Wyche said.

"Because I was in my last minutes, not hours, but last minutes of a life."