In Orangeburg on Saturday Garvin's Goal provided a chance for the community to come together.

SC State men's basketball head coach Murray Garvin had a Back To School Bash at the Orangburg Rec Center. Kids received free book bags, free hair cuts and of course some basketball skills from the Bulldog players.

There was CPR training and giveaways for the parents. There was even some dancing as well.

Orangeburg Wilkinson product Tashombe Riley was happy his team was able to give back to his home town.

"It's a great opportunity to see the kids smiling, having fun, enjoying life and going back to school. Its' very important because you don't know the impact you can have on kids. And you can teach them to do the right things and come up right," Riley said.

Garvin is all about giving back and he made sure his program was involved in his initiative to try improve Orangeburg County.

"We had a vision of just helping our community and leaving a deposit here and it's been more than we expected. Not only in just the happiness and joy of the kids but the turn out of the community and this is just the start of what Garvin's Goal is about and we hope to continue this," Garvin said.

He's already received positive feedback after the first camp with so many things to offer other than just basketball.

"I've already had local community leaders step up to me and say hey next year we want to get behind you and give you even more and do it on a grander level."