3 -7 was not the season Buddy Pough and the South Carolina State Bulldogs envisioned but that is their final record.

It's also the final year of Buddy Pough's contract. It expires next July.

Pough has been the head of the program for a longtime. In fact it took 16 years before Buddy lost to every member of the MEAC and that finally happened on Saturday when they lost to Savannah State.

Pough is 10 wins away from becoming the all-time winnigest coach at SC State. But right now his future is uncertain.

"I'd like to still coach for sure," Pough said at his final press conference of the 2017 regular season. "I still enjoy getting up and going to work and mixing with the guys, staff and players. I'd like to still coach. Whether or not that's going to still be a chance to do for long time from this point on that is still to be determined."

An announcement regarding Coach Pough's contract is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.