There was a time when Steve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney engaged in more than a few barbs as part of the Carolina-Clemson rivalry.

However, the days of throwing haymakers over the airwaves have disappeared as both men have become friends. The two are in Greensboro, Georgia with other college football head coaches who are competing in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge. The annual event puts a coach with an alum from his school and the duo competes against other teams for scholarships and charity.

"I've always enjoyed playing with Coach Spurrier," Swinney said.

"He looks a lot better in that Gator shirt than the other one."

Spurrier has been a constant presence in this event - whether it was during his time at USC or now as an ambassador with the Florida Gator athletics department. Swinney says he and Spurrier went from bitter rivals to friendly rivals in part because of their time together on the golf course.

"He's always been fun to play with," said Swinney.

"Really, that;s how he and I really kind of got to know each other better was playing some golf, outside of our positions as football coaches in the same state. "

Spurrier enjoys seeing old friends in this event and he made sure to seek out Swinney to offer his congratulations for winning the national championship.

"Of course when i saw Dabo here last night, 'Hey congrats on everything'," Spurrier said.

"First time I'd seen him face to face, talked to him on the phone a few times. Clemson had an amazing year. The state of South Carolina has had an unbelievable year with the (USC) women's basketball (team) national champs, Clemson football, Dustin Johnson's the number one golfer in the world."

Spurrier also mentioned he was ecstatic to place a phone call to former Gamecock golfer Wesley Bryan after he won the RBC Heritage.

"It was fun talking to him because he was in school when I was coaching at South Carolina," said Spurrier.

Swinney will be paired with former Clemson quarterback Steve Fuller, while Spurrier and his former quarterback at Florida, Shane Matthews, will be competing for the Gators.