Dabo Swinney continues to pick up hardware for his team's national championship earlier this year.

The Clemson head football coach was in Atlanta where he was presented with the MacArthur Bowl, which is the national championship trophy of the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame.

"To be here today is kind of surreal, and to look at this trophy and to know that we have Clemson’s name on it, and to be associated with so many other great teams and great coaches and great players, it truly is an honor,” said Swinney.

“And I am the one standing up here at the podium, but I am a little uncomfortable with that to be honest with you because I am just one guy, and if there is one thing that the game of football teaches is team, and we all have a role. And I am not standing here without a lot of great people and that is just the bottom line. I am really here to represent Clemson University, to represent our board of trustees, President [James P.] Clements, Dan Radakovich, and to accept this trophy most of all on behalf of our staff and our team.”

The MacArthur Bowl will have Clemson's name permanently etched along with the previous 59 teams who have been recognized by the NFF since 1959.

The trophy, a replica of a football stadium, features archways with space to engrave the names of 100 teams and miniature goal posts. The trophy was the gift of an anonymous donor, who commissioned Tiffany & Co. to craft it from 400 ounces of silver, in honor of NFF founder General Douglas A. MacArthur. It took eight months to make, and the trophy features MacArthur’s famous quote: “There is no substitute for victory.”

Twenty-four different schools have claimed the trophy at least once during its 58-year history. Alabama has hoisted it the most, claiming it eight times. Notre Dame is second with five wins while Ohio State, Miami (Fla.), Southern California and Texas have each etched their names four times on its archways. Florida, Florida State, Nebraska and Oklahoma each boast being three-time recipients. Clemson, LSU, Michigan State and Penn State have each won the trophy twice.

First presented in 1959, previous NFF National Champions and MacArthur Bowl recipients include: Syracuse 1959, Minnesota 1960, Alabama 1961, Southern California 1962, Texas 1963, Notre Dame 1964, Michigan State 1965, Michigan State/Notre Dame 1966, Southern California 1967, Ohio State 1968, Texas 1969, Ohio State/Texas 1970, Nebraska 1971, Southern California 1972, Notre Dame 1973, Southern California 1974, Oklahoma 1975, Pittsburgh 1976, Notre Dame 1977, Alabama 1978, Alabama 1979, Georgia 1980, Clemson 1981, Penn State 1982, Miami (FL) 1983, Brigham Young 1984, Oklahoma 1985, Penn State 1986, Miami (FL) 1987, Notre Dame 1988, Miami (FL) 1989, Colorado 1990, Washington 1991, Alabama 1992, Florida State 1993, Nebraska 1994, Nebraska 1995, Florida 1996, Michigan 1997, Tennessee 1998, Florida State 1999, Oklahoma 2000, Miami (FL) 2001, Ohio State 2002, Louisiana State 2003, Vacated 2004, Texas 2005, Florida 2006, LSU 2007, Florida 2008, Alabama 2009, Auburn 2010, Alabama 2011, Alabama 2012, Florida State in 2013, Ohio State in 2014 and Alabama in 2015.