Tim Tebow went 2-for-4 Friday night against Lakewood as he continues to navigate his way through his first full season of baseball since his junior year of high school.

There has been a national debate by pundits who have questioned whether Tebow should even try his had at baseball. But earlier this week, the question was flipped - Does Tebow regret not pursuing baseball instead of football? Football is what took Tebow to the University of Florida where he won a Heisman Trophy and a pair of national titles. Football took him to Denver where in one pass in overtime, he won his only playoff game.

But regardless, Tim Tebow doesn't say "What if?".

"In life, there are times when negativity and doubt and fear in so many things creep in," Tebow said in response to the question.

"I think they do it to all humans and it's in those moments, we have a choice. What are we going to do with those thoughts? How are we going to handle it ? What is the next thin? Because having those thoughts or fears or emotions, that's not the bad thing, Right? We're all going to have it. But when that hits, what is your first thought? How do you counteract that? How do you handle that and for me, it's going back to the truth that number one, everything happens for a reason and trust in God's plan."

Tebow admits his path from football to baseball was anything but conventional, but when he made the decision to try baseball, it was without hesitation.

"I went this route, this crazy, high-low route for a reason," he said.

"And at the same time, I'm doing something that I love. So, I'm not going to look back with regret because a lot time we can do that and when you do that, you're never looking at the present and you're missing the right now and you're not going to be as good as you can in the future. So for me, when moments like that come or you could say 'What about that?' or you could look at football and say 'I could be beating that guy or doing this'. In those moments, it's 'No. First, God I trust you, I thank you for this opportunity and I'm going to ball out the next chance I get.' It's just having that mindset. It's not the thoughts that creep in that's the problem, It's how you handle it from that point on."