He's won a pair of national titles at Florida where he also took home a Heisman Trophy.

People may have forgotten his brief NFL career was highlighted by leading Denver to an overtime win in the playoffs over Pittsburgh. Now, Tim Tebow is about to make his official debut in his current career - professional baseball player.

Tebow will be in the lineup Thursday night when the Columbia Fireflies host Augusta at Spirit Communications Park. 

"Obviously I'm new to the sport of baseball but I've been competing a long time," Tebow said.

"Been in a lot of big situations, a lot of new situations, been through so many ups and downs. So, to be able to experience that and take that to the younger guys who think going 0-for-4 is the end of the world or you know, 3-for-3 is the best day ever. You can be able to share those experiences and encourage them and build them up and try to inspire them as much as you can."

The Columbia players have nothing but positive things to say about their high-profile teammate who is also an author of the book "Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms". He will also continue to serve as an SEC Network analyst.