Clemson's game with Syracuse will be played on Friday, the 13th and that date holds a special place for head football coach Dabo Swinney.

Not just any Friday the 13th mind you, but October 13, 2008 is when Swinney was handed the keys to the Tiger program. So Friday will mark nine years ago to the day when a wide receivers coach took over as the CEO of Tiger football and nine years later, Terry Don Phillips looks like a genius and Swinney is the toast of Tigertown.

"That day is locked in my mind," Swinney said.

" That's the first thing I saw, I saw the schedule and said 'son of a gun, October. 13'. I just hope it's a good Friday the 13th."

But Swinney didn't get to this point by being satisfied so he took a few moments to talk about that time in his career but he quickly diverted his answer to what's next for his program.

"I love to kind of remember where we came from and then put my eyes on being great where we are," Swinney said.

"Just keep plowing ahead. But yeah, that'll be a neat day."