Columbia, SC (WLTX) - For many, the news that Tim Tebow will be playing baseball here in the Midlands very soon is a special event in and of itself.

But if you combine that with a once in a lifetime celestial event, and well--y'know what? To be honest we don't know how quite to describe the serendipitous situation that would arise out of that.

On Monday, the Fireflies announced that the former Heisman Trophy winner and sports icon will be joining the Columbia Fireflies, the city's minor league baseball team, and will be in town in time to take the field on opening day, which is April 6th.

Now maybe it's a flight of fancy by us, but we just happen to know that August 21 is the date of the big total solar eclipse. The one that hasn't been this widely seen in American in a century. The one most of us will never see again. And the same exact one where Columbia will be one of best places to view it, with potentially a million people will flock to our area to get a glimpse.

And the Fireflies just so happen to be playing a baseball game that afternoon, as part of a series of special events that are tied into the eclipse. (They'll take a pause in the action while the peak of the eclipse happens).

So if, say, Mr. Tebow were still playing for the team, he might be playing under a sun that's obscured by the moon.

Now of course there's a very good chance Tebow could be moved by the Mets organization (which is over the Fireflies) before then. If he performs well, he might sent up to a higher classification , or he could get sent to another assignment in another part of the country. It's baseball. It happens.

But just think if he doesn't.

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