What started off as a field-goal fest in Knoxville saw USC score the only touchdown of the game in a 15-9 win. Going forward, more production inside the opponent's 20-yard line might mean not having to hold on at the end.

USC head coach Will Muschamp says that increased production in that area has been an emphasis in practice during this open week.

"We have got to finish drives," he said.

"At the end of the day, we've not finished drives in the red zone and the high red and the high fringe. We've gone back and really looked at that offensively."

Third-down conversions is also a point of emphasis as the offense looks for more production for the stretch run .

"When we've been consistent offensively, we're staying on the field," Muschamp said.

"You look at the second half last week against Tennessee, we're I believe 5 of 5 on third down until the last drive of the game. But we're staying on the field and continuing the drives and we score on three of the four possessions there in the second half. So that, to me, is huge"

Carolina is currently 5-2 and could reach bowl eligibility with a win at home over Vanderbilt next week.