For the first time in a long time, USC is favored in an SEC game.

For the first time since he arrived at USC, Will Muschamp says he and his staff are on guard for any signs of complacency.

That's what happens when you knock off a top 20 opponent and host a banged-up Missouri team which has dropped four straight and has yet to win an SEC game

Muschamp is making sure his players are aware of the dangers of overlooking an opponent.

"I challenged our football team this morning about complacency and we certainly don’t have any room for it.," Muschamp said.

"We don’t have any margin of error around here right now, so I really challenged our guys about the preparation it takes to be successful week in and week out. The consistency in your performance week in and week out the approach week in and out that we need to have to be successful."

USC defeated a Tennessee team that was ranked 18th at the time, 24-21. One of the Volunteers came on a kickoff return.

"I think team speed is an issue, so we are asking them to run faster," Muschamp joked.

"I think the ball placement has been good by Elliot (Fry). Our hanging time and our numbers have been good. We’ve got to do a better job of what we call the fly zone and avoiding the fly zone lockers. We are getting locked on to blocks too long, and we aren’t getting off blocks in those situations and then being able to disengage better down the field in kickoff coverage."