There is no question USC's offense has not lit up the scoreboard in its last two games. There's also no question that the task of being explosive is made more difficult with the absence of Deebo Samuel.

"That obviously takes away our most explosive playmaker in our first three games of the season," said head coach Will Muschamp.

"I think from an explosive play standpoint, we had eight explosives the other day. I think our goal is eight. You go into a game and you have eight explosives you’re going to be able to put yourself in a position to win the game, win the field position battles and score points. The issue we’ve got now is that we’ve got to score more points. We’ve had missed opportunities in the high fringe and the area of the red zone. We’ve got to convert those into points and touchdowns in those situations. That’s something we just have not done."

While not giving away the game plan, Muschamp did hint that a faster tempo could be employed against Texas A&M.

"Well, that’s a discussion we felt obviously two weeks ago we needed," Muschamp said.

"We needed to speed it up and we did in the second half. We moved much better there at times on Saturday in the second half. We moved up-tempo and certainly functioned a little bit better. Certainly, that is a discussion that is an everyday discussion for us on some of the depth issues we’ve got defensively on how fast we can really go with football. At the end of the day we need to be more productive on offense, so that’s going to win out for me and what we need to do to win the game and that’s to be more productive offensively."

Carolina will face an Aggie defense led by Dillon native John Chavis, a former defensive coordinator at Tennessee and LSU.