Saturday's final game at Williams-Brice will not only be a salute to the seniors but for the players, they hope it will be a time to celebrate the fact that they will be playing in December.

USC is 5-5 going into the matchup with Western Carolina and if the Gamecocks do what is expected, they will be bowl eligible before 8:00 p.m.

"I think it’s always important (to go to a bowl game) with any team, but especially with a very young team, to have opportunities to have extra practices," said USC head coach Will Muschamp.

"Football is a developmental game. It’s not like basketball where you can pick up and go one-on-one in the backyard and improve. That’s just not the way football is. You can’t go sit in the batting cage and take batting practice on your own. You’ve got to go play the game."

While USC is a heavy favorite over the 2-8 WCU team, USC needs to only look back at the last time a Southern Conference team came to Williams-Brice Stadium. The Citadel upset the Gamecocks 23-22. But don't expect lightning to strike twice as the returning players are on high alert for an upset.

"It drives me nuts," said USC offensive lineman and Chapin native Mason Zandi.

"It definitely creates a sense of urgency to tell the young guys, 'Look, see what you've watched on film? They’re going to play twice as better than that.'

"Because every FCS team that plays (an FBS) team, they’re going to want to beat you. That’s what I’m trying to stress to the guys - 'Look, do not take this lightly. Regardless of their record ... don’t take it lightly. At all.'"

Saturday will be evidence if Zandi's teammates heeded his warning.