A 56-7 loss to the arch-rivals triggered a "Never Again" battle cry from Carolina.

The Gamecocks were thoroughly humiliated in last year's meeting in Death Valley but throwing some salt on the wounds was, in the opinion of at least two Gamecocks, the way Clemson called some late timeouts so their seniors and high-profile juniors could take one last curtain call.

USC center Alan Knott saw it as a sign of disrespect.

"The way they finished the game out last year, it wasn't very good sportsmanship, in my opinion,” Knott said.

“But that’s fine. We’re going to get our revenge against them this year.”

USC safety D.J. Smith echoed those sentiments.

"We see that score, 56-7. and we're thinking 'Man, we can't have that again," Smith said.

"It was disrespect they called the two time outs to gloat on us last year and we remember all of that. So, it's in the back of our heads and we're ready to play."