With a 3-2 SEC record, USC is currently tied for second in the Eastern Division. But you won't catch USC head coach Will Muschamp even addressing his team's chances of going to Atlanta.

"We’re focused on Vanderbilt right now and anything past that doesn’t really matter," Muschamp said

"We’ve got to accomplish what we need to accomplish on Saturday afternoon. We haven’t talked about anything other than Vanderbilt in our organization."

As far as tracking the progress from year one to year two, Muschamp is leaving that to the media and fans.

"To me, you reflect when the year is over," Muschamp said.

"We’ve got a lot of football left to play. I told our guys 'you’ll be defined by how you end the season, and it starts with Vanderbilt'. That’s how this team will be defined. You reflect when the year is over, not while you’re in the middle of the season.”